Tornador Foam Gun Z-011

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The Tornador Foam Gun Z-011 allows you to take any shampoo and spray a thick layer of soap suds on your vehicle so you wash faster and have fun doing it! Tornador Foam Gun works with your air compressor and no water is needed for cleaning! This allows you to use not only your favorite shampoo for exterior washes, but your favorite cleaner as well for exterior decontamination, tire cleanings, wheel cleaners, etc. Your cleaning solutions will be converted to a light fluffy foam that sticks to the surface, making cleaning more fun than before. Just pour a little water and your cleaning solution into the reservoir and squeeze the trigger, you will instantly lather your car in a thick layer of beautiful foam. This foam will allow you to pre-soak your car and instantly start breaking down contaminates and help you glide your wash mitt across the surface safely and easily. This is significantly faster, easier and safer than traditional bucket washing methods. Z-011 comes with two nozzle settings as well, a narrow nozzle and wide nozzle. The narrow nozzle is great for applying shampoo between seats, and other areas you do not want a lot of foam produced. The wide nozzle is best for applying a more concentrated thick strip of foam to exterior surfaces. Exterior washes are one thing, but this gun is even great for applying your favorite solution for interior carpet cleanings! The Foam Gun only works with an air compressor capable of producing 60-90 psi of air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the greater the foam generated by the gun! Interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, it does not matter! The Tornador Foam Gun Z-011 will tackle any cleaning job easier than before!

Weight: 2 Lbs
Length: 12.60"
Width: 9.15"
Free Speed RPM: 3,600
Air Consumption: 1/min. = 240
Liquid Consumption: @ 70 psi 1min: 32oz
Sounds Pressure DBA: 60
Air Inlet: 1/4" female thread
Air Pressure: 5.2 - 6.4 CFM @ 75-90 PSI