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Tokico Illumina Series Front Left Shock for Integra 90-93

Tokico Premium Performance Shock Absorbers have a number of features not found in other shock absorbers. These features allow Tokico shock absorbers to provide a superior combination of handling, stability, and ride quality. Tokico's Externally Adjustable Illumina Series offers some of the highest shock absorber technology currently available in the aftermarket. The Illumina uses a specially calibrated orifice bypass system which allows simultaneous adjustment of both compression and rebound. This method also results in better precision and consistency in the adjustment changes compared to other adjustable shock absorbers. Each adjustment "clicks" so you always know your shock settings. The adjustment range of Illumina is one of the widest available, with 5 separate positions. Position 1 is the softest, or lowest damping force, while position 5 is the stiffest. Whether you are looking for ride or superb handling, Illumina is the answer.