Subtle Solutions Medium Duty Skid Plate - Subaru Forester 2003-2008

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Protect your undercarriage on your vehicle from harmful road or trail elements with the Subtle Solutions Light Duty Skid Plate. Skid plates are a great idea to help keep debris from lodging itself onto your exhaust components, and they offer great protection to your oil pan. This skid plate has been fabricated from 5052 aluminum where it has been CAD designed and CNC laser cut and TIG welded for assembly and optimal fitment. 

This is a light duty style skid plate which means it will offer great protection for daily driving conditions and it's ideal for lowered or lifted vehicles. Get protection throughout all seasons from mud to snow, and promote longevity to your engine. 

The Subtle Solutions Light Duty Skid Plate will come provided with mounting hardware that includes bolts and washers to make it ready for installation.