Subaru OEM Super Coolant 1 Gallon - Universal

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If you're in the market for the ultimate cooling package, then you will be pleased with the Aluminum Radiator Kit. The Aluminum Radiator Kit comes in a complete package that consists of your choice of an aluminum radiator, your choice of radiator hoses that includes colors or brand, you will have a choice between several quality radiator caps. and finally coolant, as well as a coolant additive will be included.

This kit is a direct replacement of all your OEM parts that will refreshen, restore, and greatly improve the cooling characteristics on your vehicle. Over time, and after a certain mileage, the plastic end tanks on your factory radiator will eventually split under pressure. The aluminum radiators feature thicker cores and are a direct replacement that provide better cooling characteristics in all driving conditions. Even the aftermarket radiator cap will help with cooling as they are designed to raise the boiling point by increasing the pressure. And the any of the silicone hose choices provided in the kit are all crafted from high-grade heat resistant silicones that will not weaken or expand over time. 

With this kit installed you will have better improvements within the cooling system for everyday driving especially if you live in a warmer climate. The Aluminum Radiator Kit will also be beneficial for those who regularly participate in weekend track events.