Stoner Tarminator - 10 oz

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Stoner's Tarminator is an excellent product to help you safely loosen the most stubborn build ups on your vehicle. Stoner's unique MicroActive cleaning technology allows this formula to break down complex molecules found in tar, bugs, sap and other contaminates that try to bond to your clear coated surfaces. Spray the Tarminator on your exterior, paint, clear coat and coated wheels and watch as it safely breaks up the worst road grime. Wait 60 seconds and rinse off the area and you'll be amazed at how well it removes surface contamination. Do not use this product on uncoated wheels, bare metals, hot surfaces and always test it in a non-visible area first. When you use the Tarminator you can save your clear coat from being scrubbed to remove build ups, which can potentially add fine scratches. After one application you'll be thoroughly impressed by the Tarminator's ability to remove difficult road grime and save you time.