Sonax Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner - 500 ml

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The SONAX Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner, formerly known as Nano Technology Paint Cleaner, can help you restore neglected paint or maintain newer paint. This is a powerful paint cleaner that also applies a coating of wax to the paint at the same time so it's really an All In One (AIO) product. The combination of polish and wax make it a versatile product everyone can use. Apply it by hand or with a buffer to permanently and safely remove swirls, oxidation, surface contaminants and more. It's powerful cleaning properties can take any paint and make it looks more like new again. The nano technology used with the wax particles makes them extremely fine so they can hide any remaining imperfections extremely well. The rich blend of carnauba wax will also leave a layer of protection behind that helps preserve the paint while enhancing it's appearance. If you want to polish and protect in one step the SONAX Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner is an outstanding choice!