Scangrip Sunmatch Light - Original

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Scangrip Sunmatch Light is the perfect light for spotting those ugly imperfections in your paint, while being extremely easy to use. Swirl marks are easily spotted under direct sunlight, but once you pull the car into your garage it is nearly impossible to spot these imperfections. Using Sunmatch Light will amaze you at how well the imperfections are revealed. Sunmatch gives you the best of both worlds. 400 (original) or 500 (v2) lumens help you spot imperfections, while the small convenient size makes for easy maneuverability. Place this light anywhere you want during inspection with the turnable sturdy hook, the strong built-in magnet, or on your belt with the built in belt clip. The magnet option is particularly great because you can literally put it on the panel above where you are working adjust the angle of the light and it shines exactly where you need it while staying out of the way of your buffer. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180 degrees and the two light modes make for easy use during the long run time. Sunmatch is supplied with li-ion battery and an intelligent battery indicator. After 3 minutes of continuous use in high mode, the lamp will automatically switch off to save battery and avoid any risk of overheating. The charging base can be wall mounted or secured by using the strong magnet fixed to the bottom. With durable construction, dust proof, as well as waterproof, so there is literally they didn't think of. Pick up the Scangrip Sunmatch Light today if you want superior build quality and a light that provides professional results!

Specifications (Original):
Ultra high CRI COB LED
95 CRI
1100/550 lux (step 1/step 2)
400/180 lumen (step 1/step 2)
1h/3h operating time
3.7V/2200mAh Li-ion
Charging time 4h
1 year manufacturer warranty

Specifications (Version 2):
Ultra high CRI COB LED
96 CRI
Luminous Flux: 500/250 lm (step 1/2)
Charging time 4h
Ingress Protection: IP65
Net Weight: 310g
CCT: 4500/6500K (Step 1/2)
Dimensions: 60x190x40mm
Illuminance 1300/650 lux @0.5m (step 1/2)
Operating Time: 2h/built-in system switches to low mode after 3 minutes use at high mode
Battery: 3.7V/2600mAh Li-ion
Impact Protection: IK07