Scangrip Colourmatch Kit

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Are you looking to spot swirls, scratches, spiderwebs, RIDS, and more extremely fast? If so, then this kit is for you! The Scangrip Colourmatch Kit includes three amazing products, the Sunmatch, Multimatch, and Matchpen lights. Three different light sizes that will give you multiple options to tackle any job that you come across. The Multimatch light will give you the power (2000 lumens) to spot various imperfections with ease. With a curved design and adjustable base, this light will be the powerhouse of your work lights. The Matchpen is a small pen sized light that can be easily held in your pocket and used for quick spot checks. Need something with a little more power than the Matchpen, but not as large as the Multimatch? This is where the Sunmatch light comes in handy! With a built in belt clip, magnet for standing on panels, and 400 lumens of power, Sunmatch is the perfect mid option to help you spot anything in the paint that shouldn't be there. Of course all of these lights are shock, dirt, and water resistant, along with being built out of amazing high quality materials. All three come in a custom made shock resistant case for easy storage and travel. If you are looking for the perfect light for any detailing situation, look no further than the Scangrip Colourmatch Kit, it contains all three!