Rupes UHS Easy Gloss - 250 ml

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The Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Polish will help remove light to medium imperfections (swirls, oxidation, watermarks, etc.) quickly and easily! This polish is part of a revolutionary one step system from Rupes, which combines this medium cut, but high gloss polish with the UHS Foam Polishing Pads. When paired, the UHS Easy Gloss Polish and UHS Foam Pads will join the cutting ability of a more aggressive polish and pad combo, while finishing down extremely well. This means less haze left behind, long working time and UHS Easy Gloss wipes off very easily, cutting down on polishing steps and valuable time when detailing! Pair this fantastic polish/pad combo with the Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers to receive high levels of cut, especially on those harder paints, but still deliver a great deal of gloss and a swirl-free finish. When using all three of these Rupes products together you will truly be amazed at how great your paint looks in the little amount of time it takes when polishing. If you are looking to save time and polish in only one step, the Rupes UHS Easy Gloss Polish is for you!