Rupes Mille Fine Compound - 250 ml

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The Rupes Mille Fine Compound will make quick work of light to medium swirls, oxidation, and imperfections! With premium micro-abrasives, Rupes formulated this polish for maximum work time and lubrication. This means you can polish longer without this polish drying out, which is especially important with a high powered forced rotation unit like the Rupes BigFoot Mille LK900E. When paired with this unit and the Mille Fine Yellow Foam Pad, you will be amazed at how fast imperfections are removed. After polishing you will be left with a beautiful, high gloss, optically clear surface ready for your favorite protection product. Don't let light to medium imperfections take away from the overall luster of your vehicle, remove them with the Rupes Mille Fine Compound!