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The Rotrex C30-94 supercharger is an extremely versatile supercharger, and can fit a range of applications. This compact unit is capable of producing up to 400hp or more, on engine sizes ranging between 2-4.5L. Using the patented Rotrex planetary traction drive, the C30-94 has a 9.49:1 drive ratio and can achieve impeller speeds up to 100,000RPM! This head unit features black housing for those looking for a more sleek look. 

Included Items: 
- Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger w/ black housing 
- Rotrex Self-Contained Oiling System 
- Rotrex Magnetic Oil Filter 
- Oil Lines (8’ of Line) 
- Rotrex Oil Reservoir Kit 
- Rotrex SX150 Oil (1 Liter) 

Note: Supercharger drive pulley is not included and must be purchased separately. A high performance oil cooler is not included and must be purchased separately.