Street Edition Turbo Kit - Subaru WRX 2006-2007 / STI 2007

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If you’re tired of getting pushed around at the drag strip, now’s the time to do something about it. After all, papa didn’t take no mess, and neither should your car.

This is the RallySport Direct Street Edition Turbo Kit that consists of all the right ingredients to make safe and reliable horsepower. Here, you will find all the essentials such as an upgraded turbocharger, as well as the required components to switch your vehicle to an external wastegate setup.

Not only do you get to choose what injectors and fuel pump setup you’d like, you also have the option to choose what intercooler, turbo inlet, and blow off valve that satisfies your preference.

Make sure you click on the component tabs on the right side of the page to view a list of available options in the RallySport Direct Street Edition Turbo Kit. Once installed and properly tuned, your car will be on steroids, and it will run like it’s pissed off.