Lifestyle Kit - Subaru WRX 2008-2010

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Remember that one time when you just got your car, and you showed up at the local car meet wearing those mandals, cargo shorts, and that one bedazzled button up shirt you bought like 4 years ago and still managed to flip the cuffs up? Although this may fly in Portland, you don’t realize that you’re killing the vibe for everyone there looking like Danny Tanner.

Whether if you agree with it or not, today’s sport compact scene comes with a culture.  This is a sign of the times, and you have to be on top of your game. Let's get your car back in the garage so we can pimp your ride.

The first set of components in this kit is a pair of Hella Supertones. You know, so when you pull into your friend's driveway and they won’t come outside. You can annoy them and the entire neighborhood until they come out. You can virtually mount these anywhere but it seems that behind the grill is a favorite location.

Next you can choose from a great variety of blow- off valves. In all seriousness even though the blow-off valve blew up in popularity in the sport compact scene, they can benefit greatly on your vehicle. These blow-off valves are made from high-grade metals designed with premium pistons to allow the turbo to spool quicker in between shifts without leaking boost. Choose the right blow-off valve that suits your vehicle.

And for those of you with an all-wheel drive vehicle, or for those driving a vehicle with wide sticky tires should always have a set of mud flaps. Because when you’re on a cruise, there’s always that over-zealous driver spitting rocks at your windshield. Having mud flaps protects the paint around the lower doors and rocker panels, but it also says that you’re considerate and respectful of other drivers.

But since your car is getting all this attention, this kit includes a Snap Back Hat to modify your fashion. You have to look in the car right? And you will be showing the world where you get all of your go-fast accessories from.

Lastly, you can choose from any of our great stickers to accessorize your car. There’s no need  for a dangerous windshield banner to say what car group you’re from. This is a simple RallySport Direct Sticker that tells other car enthusiasts that you like turbochargers, loud noises, and black magic.

With the RallySport Direct Starter Modification kit, you’re on the path to go fast righteousness