Process West Track Version (Reverse Manifold) Black Intake Manifold and Tumbler Deletes Kit - Subaru WRX 2008-2014

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The Process West Billet Intake Manifold and Billet Tumbler Deletes Kit available to be a direct replacement of your factory plastic intake manifold. These are sold together due to the fact that your vehicle comes with factory plastic tumbler deletes. This is a great option for those of you looking to make a high horsepower build, or if you simply want the comfort of knowing that you have some of the best components available in your engine bay. Process West engineers, designs, tests and manufactures some of the best high-performance products for your platform. This particular kit combines two of their most highly sought-after components that will be sold together, and the power gains can be had whether if you are stock, or have moderate bolt-ons.

Here are the details:

 The Process West Street Version Intake manifold takes the art of fabrication and gives it a Hail Mary. This intake manifold is the result of years worth of real-world research and testing along with several prototypes and redesigns to provide you with a billet plenum with CNC machined tubes. The tubes feature high-end TIG welding which makes this intake manifold suitable to withstand 100 PSI of pressure in forced induction applications. 

The plenum of this intake manifold has been fabricated from strong billet aluminum, with thick wall polished CNC mandrel bent tube components. 

The combination of the plenum volume and runner length has been selected for an aggressive low, and mid-range torque while providing more power in the top end range. The plenum is large enough for serious gains, however, it is still compatible with the factory AC unit. The Street Version Intake Manifold is perfect to accommodate all modifications, and on a stock engine, Process West found up to 9% in gains in both power and torque.

Once installed, some users with a completely stock engine/turbo/fuel systems have seen approximately 9% gains in torque and power, along with the same percentage gains on highly modified setups that are running E85. You can run this aggressive yet streetable setup while retaining the comfort of your AC.

The intake plenum will come with the Process West billet Tumbler Deletes that work hand and hand. The intended purpose of tumbler deletes is the elimination of the inner-butterflies which promote better airflow which is needed for those of you looking to go north of a certain horsepower goal. The tumbler deletes can accommodate 11MM or 13MM diameter injectors that will seat without needing adaptors, and they will come supplied with Viton O-rings and it will come designed with fuel rail mounting points that are the same as stock which also makes them possible to use with other aftermarket fuel rails. 

Note that the intake plenum and tumbler deletes included in this kit will come in a black anodized finish to improve the looks in the engine bay. And also note that this particular intake manifold is the model that has the reverse throttle position. You will need to have your fabricator make custom intercooler piping to make this particular intake manifold work.