Process West Intake Manifold Track Version Black (Reverse Throttle Position) - Subaru STI 2004+

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Some say that the crew at Process West is considered to be more artists, then automotive enthusiasts. However they managed to balance the best of both worlds, and this is why they create the best racing products in the industry.

Now their intake manifolds are either found in art galleries in downtown, New York, or they are found under the hoods of vehicles that are the result of a serious build. The Track Version Reverse Cable Throttle Position intake manifold is available to a few very fortunate lucky ones who won't settle for anything short of the best.

This is a beautifully mastered piece crafted out of billet aluminum that will surely pierce the emotions of the snootiest of so called art connoisseurs. The plenum volume and runner length combination has been optimized for low, and mid-range torque, while increasing top end power. This intake manifold will net gains of 10%+. Designed for vehicles not running AC, and for applications running track oriented rotated setups where custom intercooler pipe routing will need to be fabricated.

Comes designed with extra vacuum provisions as well for those of you who need custom boost lines for gauges, boost controllers, etc.

Note that this particular intake manifold will come in an anodized black finish to provide extra protection against corrosion, and to get a cleaner look in the engine bay. 

Please verify that your car is Drive by wire throttle body before ordering. If you are unsure, please contact our customer service team.