Process West Billet Tumbler Deletes Black - Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2007+

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Does your significant other always nag you claiming that you lack any interest in art? For example, when you get dragged into those social gatherings where you get invited into other peoples homes where they have that one room in their house which no one is allowed to go in that has all those tacky framed paintings with Pinterest quotes that every other Jones has in their house? If you have found yourself in any of these scenarios, then RallySport Direct has the solution.

When you come home from work and present the Process West Billet Tumbler Delete Housings, not only will you impress your significant other, but these will also make for an excellent conversation piece at the next gathering before installation. Additionally, you're going to save yourself a lot of time and hassle especially if you don't have the tools or know-how to perform the delete mod on your tumblers. Because you've got to remove the motors, drill out the butterfly shafts, and make seventeen stops at the hardware store getting drill bits and grinding tools. Plus you'll have metal shavings everywhere.

So here's the game plan. When those snooty friends ask how these deletes work tell them that when you want to improve more airflow, and if you're planning on making more horsepower than the moon then you need tumbler deletes. Tell them that these can accommodate 11MM or 13MM diameter injectors that will seat without needing adaptors. 

The Process West Billet TGV's come supplied with Viton O-rings and it will come designed with fuel rail mounting points that are the same as stock which also makes them possible to use with other aftermarket fuel rails. 

Note that these particular tumblers will come in an anodized black finish for extra protection against corrosion, and to provide a cleaner look to the engine bay.