Poorboy's World Polish with Sealant - 16 oz

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The Poorboy's World Polish with Sealant is an all in one product that makes detailing quick and easy. This formula went through many revisions and extensive testing to deliver an unbelievable combination of polish and sealant. The cleaning characteristics from the polish remove embedded contaminates, very light swirls, oxidation and other imperfections while really brightening the clear coat. It also leaves behind a long lasting coat of protection from the sealant. Your well protected paint will repel moisture, pollution, water marks and other contaminates for months to come. The cleaning power and protection should not overshadow the remarkable shine the Polish with Sealant provides as well. Your paint will look highly reflective and extremely smooth to the touch. Additionally the Polish with Sealant is extremely easy to apply and remove so it is a great addition to any detailer's routine. If you want dramatic results in one step this is the product for you.