Poorboy's World Black Hole - 16 oz

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The Poorboy's World Black Hole is a show car glaze that adds loads of gloss noticeable from near and far. When you apply the formula it will first help clean the surface by removing light build ups that make the paint look old and faded. By removing imperfections your paint looks more vibrant instantly. Simultaneously it leaves behind a coating of glaze that adds a ridiculous level of gloss to the paint that really makes you fall back in love with your paint. This formula can be used on any color but it was specifically designed to help highlight darker colored paints and really make them overly glossy and "wet" looking. It can be applied by hand or with a buffer and you'll love the results! Best of all it's very easy to apply and remove so you get awesome results with ease. If you are constantly wondering why you can't get your paint to look exceptional use the Poorboy's World Black Hole and stop wondering!