Optimum Poli-Seal - 32 oz

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Poli-Seal is the ultimate All In One product (AIO) that is arguably the best value in detailing! There are plenty of AIO type products out there but few if any can do what the Optimum Poli-Seal can do. This amazing product has some of the best chemical cleaning agents, fine polishing particles and polymers ever put in one products. So you may be asking what does this all mean? The chemical cleaning agents will help safely remove contaminants for a cleaner and more reflective surface. The ultra fine polishing particles help permanently remove, not just temporarily hide, imperfections in the paint. This step makes the clear look and feel very smooth which allows you to get that extra deep reflection. Lastly the coating of polymers leaves behind a mirror like shine that hugs every inch of your paint! You can expect an eye catching shine and strong polymer protection for months to come. You can apply the Poli-Seal by hand or with a buffer, which is a very easy to use product. Apply this product every 3 - 4 months to maintain a new finish and total protection of your vehicle.