Optimum MDR Mineral Deposit Remover - 32 oz

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The Optimum MDR Mineral Deposit Remover will remove water based deposits from painted surfaces with ease! Parking next to a sprinkler, rinsing your car with hard water during washing, etc. can lead to hard water actually lightly etching in to the surface of your paint. MDR features a non-abrasive chemical formula that will help you dissolve these water based contaminants without polishing the surface. Put a few drops on the watermarks and then gently agitate the surface with a soft and clean microfiber towel. The combination of acids and chelating agents will break down and dissolve these marks quickly and easily. If this process is not enough you may need to polish to remove deeper etchings, but this formula is generally very effective on light to medium watermarks. Stop staring at those ugly water marks and pick up the Optimum MDR Mineral Deposit Remover today!