NRG - 7075 EXTENDED LUG NUTS: M12x1.25 (4PC. BLUE)

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NRG - 7075 Extended Lug Nut (4-Pieces), M12 x 1.25 (Blue)

NRG's popular open-end extended lug nut is available in more vibrant colors, and best of all now forged from Al7075 aluminum alloy. A new anodizing process results in a more fade resistant lug nut. These new lug nuts are a must if you are running wheel spacers with extended studs. This new class of lug nuts features a 12 pt lock nut that is available to be purchased separately for security purposes. 

- Al7075 Aluminum Alloy, M12xP1.5 Extended lug nut 
- Available in various colors 
- Show quality product with motorsports functionality 
- Open end lug nut, compatible with extended studs 
- For off road use only