Mishimoto Transmission Cooler Black - Subaru WRX CVT 2015+

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RallySport Direct is very pleased to carry the Mishimoto CVT Transmission Cooler. Automatic transmissions can really be prone to failure if they get too hot under spirited driving conditions. All of the major internal guts of the transmission such as the clutches, valve body, torque converter, all these things if exposed to too much heat can fail under spirited driving, or if you simply live in a warmer climate.

Mishimoto who specializes in the latest in advanced cooling technology has developed the CVT Transmission Cooler Kit. This kit is a great modification especially if you are a regular participant in high-performance driving conditions.

Here are some key features:

  • 20°F (6.7°C) temperature decrease compared to only using the stock transmission cooler
  • Direct fitment design with no cutting or modification to the vehicle
  • 19-row stacked-plate oil cooler is front mounted for maximum airflow
  • Mounting brackets include provisions for aftermarket horns
  • Works in conjunction with the stock transmission cooler
  • Works with the Mishimoto engine cooler kit
  • Adds approximately 1 qt of transmission fluid
  • Core Height: 5.43"
  • Core Length: 11"Coolant and Additives
  • Black finish

Additionally, this kit will include all of the required hose, fittings, brackets, clamps, zip-ties, and hardware to make it ready for the installation.