Mishimoto Performance Air Intake - Ford Focus ST 2013+

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The Mishimoto Performance Air intake has been designed to be a cost effective means of adding more power to your vehicle. Cold air intakes ae typically one of the more popular first modification you can do to the turbocharged vehicle because for most makes and models, the factory intake system is pretty restrictive to be universally compliant with stale and local provisions. 

With that said Mishimoto has taken a new path and created an intake system that features a smooth aluminum intake tube designed to reduce air turbulence under full throttle. Air is breathed through a premium filter that traps the smallest of microns. The result is gains of up to 6WHP and 5WTQ on your factory equipped tuning configuration. Additionally, users will experience improved throttle response, and a more aggressive intake tone that is prevelant with cold air intakes under hard accelleration. 

Other features include an aluminum airbox that keeps unwanted engine temperatures from entering the air filter, keeping surronding temperatures as close toa mbient as possible.

Everything is included with this intake to make it ready for installation which includes silicone couplers, hardware, and clamps. This particular intake will come in the black powder-coated finish to have extra protection against rust and corrosion.