Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit Black Thermostatic - Ford Focus ST 2013+

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Like most Focus ST drivers, it’s hard to resist going slow. In fact, the Mayans believed that “ST” stood for “Superman’s Turborocket”. Be that as it may with no surprise, Mishimoto took in consideration that these cars need to run as efficiently as possible. With that said they have developed the Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit for the 2013+ Focus ST.

These are a direct-fit for the 2013+ models, and can reduce oil temperatures by up to 30 degrees F (16.7 degrees C). Other benefits of this oil cooler kit include minimal pressure drop, and it does not interfere with aftermarket intakes.

Included in this oil kit are:
•    Pre-made stainless steel braided oil lines with durable –AN fittings
•    Billet aluminum oil sandwich plate
•    19-row stacked plate oil cooler for optimal fluid temperature reduction
•    Thermostatic and non thermostatic options available
•    Cooler available in either Sleek Silver, or Stealth Black
•    Increases oil capacity by .65QT
•    This oil cooler retains the use of your stock liquid to liquid oil cooler unit
•    Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty