Menzerna Polish and Protection Ultimate Kit

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Here's a little more information about each of the items included in the Menzerna Polish and Protection Ultimate Kit. You can click the link to visit the product page for a full description:

Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 (32 oz) - when you want the absolute maximum depth and gloss, finish your polishing with Super Finish Plus 3800
Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant (16 oz) - shine and protection in one bottle!
Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 1000 (32 oz) - excellent heavy cutting polish that removes noticeable swirls and ultra fine scratches
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 (8 oz) - one of our favorite polishes that removes, oxidation, swirls and light imperfections
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish MC 2500 (8 oz) - an incredible one step polish!