Menzerna Medium Cut Polish MC 2500 - 8 oz

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Menzerna Medium Cut Polish MC 2500 (formerly Power Finish PF 2500 - PO203) will save you time and money by removing imperfections and creating a glossy finish in one step! MenzernaUSA originally introduced the PO203S Power Finish but eventually thought it was too similar to Super Intensive Polish SI 1500. They went back to the drawing board and came up with yet another amazing polish that was more unique and renamed it the Menzerna PF 2500 Power Finish (PO203) (notice there is no "S"). This product was then changed again, although this was just a name change, not a formula change like the fist time around.

Power Finish PO203 has the cutting power just under that of Super Intensive Polish SI 1500, with the ability to finish down more similar to the Super Finish SF 4000! Power Finish Polish will remove light to medium imperfections (swirls, fine scratches, oxidation, watermarks, etc.) in the paint while restoring a deep gloss to the paint. PF 2500 is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket applications and it is low-dusting, making for an extremely easy clean-up. The glossy surface helps provide an amazing reflection that can also be enhanced by adding a glaze, sealant or wax on top of it. In general this is the only polish you will need but depending on your pad and application method, you may need or want to follow up with a lighter pad and polish (i.e. Lake Country Blue Fine Finishing Pad with Menzerna Micro Polish SF 4500 (PO85RD)). Again in general this is an outstanding one step polish that will meet and exceed the needs of most detailers. If you are looking to save time with a premium finishing polish that will leave you with an amazing level of gloss, then grab the Menzerna Medium Cut Polish MC 2500.