Menzerna Final Finish Polish FF 3000 - 32 oz

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Menzerna Final Finish Polish will restore a deep gloss that makes any color paint look like new again. The high gloss is created by the very fine abrasive particles used to leave the surface extremely smooth and free of imperfections. The micro-abrasives are very safe to use, even on brand new finishes. The particles help remove minor swirls, scratches, oxidation and other blemishes in the clear coat. When these imperfections are removed your paint will give off a brilliant shine that can be enhanced with a glaze, sealant or wax afterward. If there are heavy swirls and scratches a more aggressive polish, like a medium or heavy cutting polish may be needed. The Final Finish Polish also specializes in removing hazing, oxidation, marring and other blemishes that can be left behind by more aggressive polishes. This polish was formerly known as the Final Polish II (PO85U) many years ago but this is the newest version. This extraordinary polish will really make your paint "pop" and is the perfect step before applying your favorite glaze, sealant or wax. Let Menzerna Final Finish Polish give your paint a great shine!