Menzerna Control Cleaner - 500 ml

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Menzerna Control Cleaner is a water based cleaning solution designed to remove oils, dust, light surface contaminants, etc. so the paint is truly clean. This product was formerly known as Top Inspection and it's perfect to use after polishing to ensure you have a clean surface before applying a glaze, sealant, wax or coating. Some polishes contain oils that help prevent the polish from drying out while buffing, which makes the polish easier to use. However these same oils can cling to the surface and hide surface imperfections and prevent you from being able to properly observe your results, even when you have the proper lighting. This means that some swirls may be hiding underneath oils, and reappear later. These oils can also prevent your coating, sealant or wax from forming the tightest possible bond with the clear coat. Control Cleaner helps you quickly and easily remove everything on the surface so you get the maximum protection from your sealant or wax. Simply mist Control Cleaner on the desired area and then wipe it away with a clean and soft microfiber towel. This quick and easy process will help you get the most out of your detailing routine. Use Control Cleaner and ensure you are getting the best possible results with each detail!