Meguiar's Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottle - 16 oz

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This top quality self cleaning dispenser bottle from Meguiar's allows you to pour accurately and neatly. It was designed specifically to help dispense polishes and compounds because they are thicker and often harder to work with, but it can also be used with your favorite cleaner, degreaser, clay lube, glaze, sealant or wax. Pick up your favorite products in larger sizes for the best value and pour them in to these dispenser bottles for daily use. Pull the nozzle straight forward to open it and push down to lock it shut. Like a fine automobile, the moving parts on this bottle just feel more solid. When open the nozzle releases the precise right amount of product and is self cleaning so no product is left stuck in the tip. The spout will never clog so you keep working and never worry about it drying out. With other dispenser bottles you are likely to see a dry and crusty build up of old product stuck in the tip. Not only is this annoying but it wastes product and it may put chunks of dry product back in your liquid solution as you clean it out. Avoid all of these problems while working faster with this clean and convenient dispenser!