Meguiar's Professional Quick Detailer AIO M66 - 128 oz

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Meguiar's hit the nail on the head with this all-in-one polish that will clean and protect your paint with ease! Do not let the "Quick Detailer" name fool you, this product is really an AIO polish that will remove oxidation, old wax, bug smear, ultra fine swirls and tar from the paint, all while leaving behind a durable layer of wax protection. Best of all it is an incredible value that helps ensure you get the results you want at the price you want. The cleaners in the Meguiar's Professional Quick Detailer AIO will help remove ultra fine surface imperfection when applied by hand, however if you are looking for the maximum cleaning and polishing power we recommend applying this product via a buffer and a white pad. Once you are finished applying the product remove the excess product by simply wiping down the surface with your favorite microfiber towel. It will leave behind a coating of protection that repels moisture and environmental contaminants. Therefore if you are looking to perfect and protect your paint in one simple step, grab yourself a bottle of the Meguiar's Professional Quick Detailer AIO!