Meguiar's Black Wax G620 - 7 oz

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Meguiar's Black Wax will clean, polish, and protect all in one step! Black Wax contains a mild blend of micro cleaners that help clean, and polish away light contamination and swirls with ease. This helps create an amazing finish quickly and easy on any color paint, although it really shines on darker colored paintwork. We recommend applying this wax by hand, however it can be applied with a buffer as well. With an applicator pad simply apply to the paint nice and thin with light to medium pressure. If you are going to use a buffer apply at a low speed with a soft pad (ie blue pad). Once applied you will be left with a durable layer of protection that will last 3-4 weeks and have your paintwork looking it's best. Clean, polish, and protect all in one step with the Meguiar's Black Wax!