Mahle Panel Filter - Subaru Models (inc. 1999-2004 Impreza / 1999-2004 Outback)

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When performing maintenance on your vehicle, replacing your air filter is almost as crucial as your oil changes. The typical factory issued drop-in filter has been designed to keep airborne elements such ass dust, pollen, and dirt from entering your intake system. However, depending on what type of materials your filter is made from, some can become clogged with enough dirt that it affects the breathing characteristics of your engine which will not only limit the performance of your vehicle but because your engine is fighting to breathe you are causing premature wear to the engine. 

So when it comes the time to replace your air filter, don't trust any generic brand. Here at RallySport Direct, we carry the Mahle Drop-In Air Filter for your application. Mahle, which has become a well-established high-performance brand has a rich history manufacturing components especially for boxer type engines of various makes and models. 

This is a drop-in air filter designed to fit with your factory airbox and comes designed with a premium seal that fits the contours of your airbox for an all around tight fitment. Always take a few minutes to check the condition of your intake. And when it comes time for a replacement, treat your car to a Mahle Air Filter.