Lamin-X Rear Bumper Guard - Subaru BRZ 2017+

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This is the Lamin-X Rear Bumper Guard. Lamin-X is quickly becoming a household product on vehicles of many car enthusiasts on a worldwide scale. They produce protective automotive films that prolong the exterior condition of your vehicle by adding an extra layer of protection on your lights or body panels. In this case, this is the Lamin-X Rear Bumper Guard. 

This piece sits on top of the rear bumper at the base of the hatchback or rear tailgate or trunk area. This is one of the most prone-scratchable places in your vehicle because anything from groceries, gym bags, moving equipment, any of these things can easily and carelessly be dragged over the top of your rear bumper causing scratches. The Lamin-X Rear Bumper Guard adds a nice clean film of protection over that area to further protect the surface of the paint from scratches, as well as wear and tear.