Lake Country Glass Polishing Disc - 2.25"

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The Lake Country Glass Polishing Discs will help you easily remove ultra fine scratches, water spots, and other stubborn imperfections in your glass! When you drive at highway speeds, your glass hits all kinds of dirt in the air and at 70 mph, it can cause pitting and other ugly imperfections. These imperfections can make driving dangerous, as it can effect your visibility drastically. Often times insurance companies cover new windshields or make it very affordable to get it replaced, but we always recommend trying to fix it yourself first. This way, you save some cash and do not have to go through the headache of contacting your insurance company. If detailing does not work, you always know you can fall back on your insurance company to replace any severely damaged glass. The Lake Country Glass Polishing Discs are manufactured for fast cutting, low heat and easy polishing use. The high quality materials are compressed into a thin disc, that is still porous enough to help absorb any polish and avoid dreaded sling that can be an issue with other glass polishing discs or pads. With the compressed material, this disc is extremely thin and lightweight. It features a hook and loop backing, making it super easy to secure to any hook and loop backing plate, on a rotary or dual action polisher. When you are polishing your glass, you want to always make sure you keep he surface wet to prevent overheating, which can cause distortion and/or cracking of the disc. We recommend using the CarPro Ceriglass Glass Polish, but your favorite glass polish will work great as well! Once you are finished you will be amazed at how clean your glass is. These pads are also designed to be reused, so use your favorite pad cleaning method and store these pads for use at a later time. Pick up the Lake Country Glass Polishing Discs today and remove any pesky imperfections in your glass!