KYB GR2 SHOCK: INTEGRA 94-01/CIVIC 89-95/CRX 89-91/DEL SOL 93-97 (REAR)

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KYB GR2 Shock - Rear Left or Right (1 Piece), 
for Acura Integra 94-01 (exc. Type R); Honda Civic 89-95 (Exc. Wagon), CRX 89-91, Del Sol 93-97 
Note: Each Shock Sold individually.

World-Class engineering and quality have made KYB the original equipment shocks for Lexus, Toyota, Saturn, Infiniti, Chrysler, and Ford. Whether you're replacing worn shocks or looking for a high performance ride upgrade, KYB Gas Shocks deliver superior handling, comfort, and control. 
KYB GR-2® Gas Shocks and Struts provide a smooth, comfortable ride with excellent control for drivers who are looking for maximum ride comfort. 
Comfort and control that's often better than when the vehicle was new. 
Delivers improved road feel and handling. 
Patented check valve maintains performance under rough conditions. 
Replaces traditional struts with gas strut performance.