Kwazar Venus Pro+ 360 Degree Sprayer - 1 L

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The Kwazar Venus Pro+ 360 Degree Sprayer will allow you to easily apply your favorite chemicals, at any angle! When using a spray bottle, you can quickly become tired when having to pull the trigger over and over to dispense product onto the surface. The Venus Pro+ features a pump at the top of the bottle, allowing you to pump up the pressure inside the bottle. At the back of the handle you will find a thumb trigger and with a simple push, product will be dispersed in an even mist. Hold the trigger and the product within the bottle will be dispersed until the pressure in the bottle has been completely released. This not only saves you the effort of multiple trigger pulls, but can save you valuable detailing time as well. On top of this convenient feature, the Venus Pro+ bottle also has a unique 360 degree spray pattern. This means you can spray sideways or even upside down while still using almost all of the detailing chemical in the sprayer! Have you ever been laying at a weird angle, or tried reaching awkwardly to reach areas of the car, only to have the spray bottle not spray? This feature will get rid of that and allow you to spray anytime, anywhere and at any angle! This high quality bottle has Viton seals, which are resistant to most common chemicals and detergents. On the side of the bottle, a level indicator is embossed onto the container marked in ML and pints for easy measurements. What are you waiting for!? Pick up the Kwazar Venus Pro+ 360 Degree Sprayer and save effort and time when detailing!