Kwazar Orion Pro + Sprayers - 6 L

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The Kwazar Orion Pro + Sprayers help you continuously apply your favorite cleaning solution fast and easy! This item is a must have for professionals and serious enthusiasts who depend on using their favorite products frequently. When applying various solutions during the detailing process you are pulling and releasing spray triggers, over, over, and over again. During lighter cleaning jobs this is not an issue, but when you need to applying more solution to get the job done on multiple cars, hand fatigue can quickly come into play. With the Orion Pro + Sprayer, you can simply pump the bottle up, building pressure in the unit, allowing you to apply multiple sprays with one simple push of the trigger. Apply as little or as much as you want, the pressure will stay built up until you release it all. This means a few pumps can provide you with multiple trigger applications! This key feature saves you valuable detailing time and effort with every detail. The high quality construction and viton seals withstand various chemical strengths and these sprayers also have some other awesome features you will be sure to enjoy:
Wide filling area for easy and safe pouring
Tank stabilizing base, making this sprayer very sturdy even when full
35 cc lance allows for easy application in tight areas
Handle with pressure gauge
carrying strap with shoulder pad
Funnel with strainer for convenient pouring
Volume scale on the tank for precise measurement of you favorite solution
All these unique features make this bottle an amazing compliment to the vast array of bottles we all currently have in our detailing collections. If you are looking for a high end bottle to help you apply your favorite chemicals, the Kwazar Orion Pro + Sprayer is a great choice!