Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator Manual Transmission N-FLO Mazda RX-7 1989-1992

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BMI Performance Direct carries a large selection of Koyo N-Flo Aluminum Racing Radiators to suit your application for improved cooling performance. These are very durable and are direct replacements for your factory intercooler.

Here are the details:


  • All aluminum construction
  • N-Flo technology allows for a double or triple pass design that cools more efficiently by allowing coolant to remain in the radiator for a longer period of time which will transfer more heat to the surrounding air
  • Heli-arc welded for stronger enforcement along aluminum connections
  • Thicker core
  • Precise tube and fin alignment promotes optimal coolant flow and fins with highly efficient heat transfer
  • NoClock Brazing is featured on the tubes, fins, headers and brackets using a state-of-the-art NoClock furnace which bonds all components to resist damage from vibration, road debris, and the elements
  • Billet Filler Neck is precision machined for durability
  • Fits manual transmission
  • Can reuse the OEM Radiator Brackets