KONI SPORT SHOCK: ACCORD 98-02/3.2CL 01-03/3.2TL 00-03 (R)

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KONI Sport Shock (Rear), for Honda Accord 98-02 (All) and Acura 3.2CL 01-03 & 3.2TL 00-03 
NOTE-1: Each Shock Sold Individually. 
NOTE-2: Features adjustable spring seat for ride height adjustment. approx. F and R= 20mm


The KONI Sport dampers are designed for aggressive driving or cars with suspension upgrades while continuing to offer comfort. If a KONI Sport is listed as an alternative to the KONI Special, choose Sport for aggressive handling characteristics. The KONI Sport (yellow) typically starts at a higher initial valving baseline to give a sportier feel and work on vehicles with higher performance parts. In some instances, KONI will only offer a Special or Sport valving and not both. Some modern cars come from the factory with higher tech suspension systems and wheel/tire packages so they would move directly into the Sport range, however they are still valved to give a comfortable ride with very good handling capabilities. KONI Sport (yellow) shocks are identified by the Sport suffix (example, 8040-1026 Sport). 
NOTE: Features adjustable spring seat for ride height adjustment. Adj. spring perch can lower car. Approx. 15mm. 
Rebound Adjustment Procedures: 
Externally Adjustable. These dampers can be adjusted, literally at the turn of a knob, a technique borrowed from Formula-1 racing where KONI dampers have dominated the field for years. One can switch back and forth, in most cases in a matter of seconds, from a comfortable "touring" setting to a more firmer setting for a sporty drive. By means of a knob damping forces can be altered to driving conditions or personal preferences. 
Clockwise = Softer; Counter Clockwise = Firmer