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Includes K-Tuned Billet Tensioner Cover

The K-Tuned Timing Chain Tensioner was designed in conjunction with an oem parts manufacturer and features an upgraded internal spring to support the use of higher lift cams in modified K engines. K-Tuned has also built the tensioner with reduced overall travel, which will keep it tight against the chain at all times and won't allow it to back off as much as the stock unit. After reviewing some of the past and present designs, K-Tuned is even backing up their Chain Tensioners with a no-hassle rebuild warranty. If you see any questionable wear or have any question on the internal condition of the tensioner, simply send it back to K-Tuned for a $60 rebuild. K-Tuned can even offer this service to racers who do not want to risk possible failure of their high dollar engines to a failed tensioner. This service will allow racers to change the tensioner out at frequent intervals or as needed. K-Tuned is selling the tensioner as a kit with our o-ring sealed billet tensioner cover so inspection and changes are very easy.