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Jim Wolf Technology ECU Upgrade for Nissan 300ZX 84-85 (Non-Turbo / Manual Transmission) 
Note: California Vehicles Only



Comes complete with boost control jets and instructions. This upgrade is THE most popular Z32TT upgrade ever! Adds up to 60HP, takes less than 1 hour to install, proven in over 4000 Z32 TTs through out the world. 

Your car’s engine management system is controlled by a central digital computer that manages the ignition timing and fuel delivery functions. Information specific to your vehicle’s engine type, year and model is encoded onto an EPROM memory chip inside your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) brain. On this chip, both the ignition timing and the fuel delivery information are stored in data sets called maps; these maps control the engine’s operation during idling and at part-throttle and wide-open throttle. Proper fuel metering and ignition advance values are chosen from these maps according to engine loading and RPM. By optimizing ignition advance and fuel delivery, a performance chip lets your engine safely deliver maximum power. The chips are finely tuned for optimum fuel economy and minimum emissions at light loads; chip tuning at higher loads progressively emphasizes power and torque gains. At wide-open throttle, their chips are dynamometer-tuned for maximum power. You’ll get all the power you need whenever you want it - without emissions or fuel economy compromises! Typical performance gains from a computer chip are in the 10 to 12 percent range. Some chips provide even more striking gains, increasing maximum horsepower and torque by up to 21 percent! Many chips safely raise the stock engine rev-limiter. This allows the driver to take advantage of the new horsepower and torque characteristics. All tuneup settings remain as stock. Your car will easily pass a tailpipe emissions test. Although you must use 91 (or greater) octane unleaded Premium fuel, there are no adverse effects under normal driving conditions. Due to the way your ECU is manufactured, a trained technician must install the Performance Chip into your ECU. You can purchase the chip either by exchanging your ECU for a Jim Wolf Technology-modified ECU (with a core charge refundable upon receipt of your ECU), or by sending your ECU to Options Auto Salon for chip installation. 

<size="1">Note: This upgrade requires the Customer's ECU Core or a Core Charge will be added to the order if a core is available from Jim Wolf Technology.

<size="1">*Note: Not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution-controlled motor vehicle.