Jescar Medium Polish - 8 oz

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The Jescar Medium Polish helps you remove light to medium imperfections safely and easily! Medium Polish is positioned between the Jescar Correcting Compound (Heavy Correction) and Micro Finishing Polish (Light Correction & Finishing) and helps you remove light swirls, RIDS, oxidation, watermarks and other imperfections. Apply 3-4 pea sized drops to your polishing pad and work in one section at a time. Using medium pressure move side to side then up and down until the polish breaks down, leaving a clear film over the surface. Wipe away the excess polish and you will be left with a nice clear surface. Most of the time this polish will leave you ready to apply your favorite wax or sealant, but if you need an extra finishing step, grab the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish. Don't let imperfections ruin your paint finish, use the Jescar Medium Polish and remove them!