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If you have heavy imperfections in your paint, the Jescar Correction Compound will help you remove them with ease. Marring, hazing, swirls marks, light scratches etc. are really no match. The high quality formula will eliminate P1500 grit sanding marks on fresh paint and deeper imperfections and oxidation on weathered paint. You can use this compound on soft, medium, hard paint types, along with fiberglass gelcoats. It is silicone free and body shop safe! When polishing, apply 3 to 4 pea size drops to your polishing pad and work with one panel at a time. Using only medium pressure, you will be amazed at how fast you can remove severe defects and leave behind a more optically clear surface. Although this compound does finish down great, there is always a chance that some compounding haze will be visible, especially when working on darker colored paint. If you are looking for perfection, we recommend following up your compounding step, with the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish. This will help finish the paint down to perfection and really turn the heads of anyone catching a glimpse of your ride! Pick up a bottle of the Jescar Correction Compound and make ugly heavy imperfections a thing of the past!

Jescar Polishing System:
Correcting Compound
Medium Polish
Micro Finishing Polish
All-In-One Polish and Wax