Jescar All-In-One Polish and Wax - 32 oz

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The Jescar All-In-One Polish and Wax allows you to perform two detailing steps at the same time, saving you valuable detailing time! Jescar combined the correction power of their popular polishes, with a high-grade acrylic wax. This unique combination allows for a true one-step polishing solution without compromising high-end quality. To apply, simply use 3-4 pea sized drops to your light polishing pad or applicator and work in one small section at a time. Once the polish breaks down, wipe away any excess with a clean microfiber towel. You will be left with a clear, glossy surface that is bound to turn heads. The polish helps to remove light imperfections, swirls, oxidation, etc. while the wax will protect your polishing results for 3-4 weeks. Stop wasting time, combine detailing steps and polish while you protect with the Jescar All-In-One Polish and Wax!

Jescar Polishing System:
Correcting Compound
Medium Polish
Micro Finishing Polish
All-In-One Polish and Wax