HydroSilex Silica Soap - 500 ml

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The HydroSilex Silica Soap is an aftercare shampoo that helps you clean and protect in one easy to use product! Washing with the Silica Soap adds incredible lubricity that encapsulates dirt and grime so you wash safer and more thoroughly. You'll notice your wash mitt or sponge glides right across the paint safely removing dirt, dust, grime, and other contamination with ease. According to HydroSilex, the 16-ounce bottle contains 10% silica, which allows it to not only clean the surface but leave behind protection. It is ideal for extending the life of your HydroSilex Recharge or ceramic coating already on your vehicle. Don't limit this product to just your paint it helps clean and protect the paint, glass, plastic, wheels, calipers, wheel wells and more. So while you are washing it cleans and rejuvenates the surface that extends the life of any existing protection on the surface. You can also use this item as a stand-alone product for some short-term protection if desired. If you are looking to clean and protect, the HydroSilex Silica Soap is a great choice!