Gyeon WaffleDryer - 24" x 32"

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The Gyeon WaffleDryer helps you remove standing water from your paint safely and easily! This luxurious towel is incredibly safe and effective at drying your entire vehicle! It is important to remove all the water from your vehicle so there is no streaking or worse, ugly watermarks that can require polishing to fix. The unique fibers in WaffleDryer does not just wick the water from the surface, but soak it up into the waffle pockets, lifting it off your paint. This safely removes hard water and makes drying your paint extremely fast and effective. Use it on your headlights, paint, trim, anywhere on the exterior of your vehicle that you can think of. Once finished, wring the towel out as best you can and wash using the Gyeon TowelWash for best results. WaffleDryer has a soft stitched edge for durability and a tagless design for safety. If you are looking to remove water from your vehicle, dry it off with the Gyeon WaffleDryer!