Gyeon View - 20 ml Kit

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The Gyeon View is a specially formulated window coating, that brings you an exceptional level of water repellency and clarity. Nothing is more important while driving than driving safely, which can be especially challenging during bad weather, or if your windshield is dirty. Gyeon View is a highly hydrophobic window coating, that will not only help bead and sheet water from the surface, but it helps keep dirt and other contamination from sticking to the window while driving. This helps keep your glass cleaner, for much longer. Gyeon View comes with two bottles, Repel and Cleanse. Use the Cleanse to help clean your glass, leaving you ready to apply the Repel. After application, you will be left with a protective layer that lasts 12 months on your windshield and 36 months on any side windows. When you are driving over 30 mph, you will notice water sheeting off your window so well that you may not even need to use the wipers when it is raining! Future cleanings will be much easier as dirt and grime rolls off the glass, saving you valuable detailing time and effort. Do not waste any more time, protect your glass and improve bad weather driving safety with the Gyeon View!