Gyeon Syncro Kit

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Gyeon Syncro is a multi-layer coating system designed to enhance and protect your paint for years! Most coating manufacturers offer coatings and other separate products you can use as a topper to enhance hydrophobic properties, add some gloss, and help keep the coating layer protected and performing it's best. With Syncro, Gyeon has come up with an easy to use, two step coating process that includes everything from application materials, to the coating, to the topper. All of this is included in one convenient package with detailed application instructions. After thoroughly cleaning, polishing and prepping your paint, you will want to apply the included MOHS, followed by Skin and finally topped with the Cure. This three step, 3-4 layer application will greatly enhance gloss and leave you with a durable layer of protection for up to 24 months. Future cleanings will be much easier as less contamination will stick to the paint and for the dirt and grime that does, it will be easier to remove during your wash process. Gyeon does recommend that you have some experience with coatings before diving into applying Syncro, however that did not stop them from making this product incredibly easy to apply, even for weekend warriors. If you want to step up your coating game, give the Gyeon Syncro a try!

3-4 layer coating, layering required
Consuption: 50ml + 30ml (Average size vehicle)
Hardness: 9H
Contact Angle: >120'
PH Tolerance: 2-11
Thickness: 0,2-0,5qm
Durability: >24 months / 35K km

Kit Includes:
1x 50 ml Mohs
1x 30 ml Skin
1x 100 ml Cure
1x Application Dropper
4x Microfiber Suede Cloths
1x Applicator Foam Block