Gyeon Primer

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Gyeon Primer is an ultra light finishing polish that will help you remove light imperfections, while prepping your paint for coating application! When applying a coating, you will have to wipe the paint down with a product like the Gyeon Prep before application. This product will help remove oils and provide you with a clean surface for your coating application. However, what if you can skip this step and apply a coating immediately after polishing? With Gyeon Primer, you can! Gyeon Primer is a finishing polish that will help you remove light imperfections in the paint, while leaving behind an SiO2 primer. This primer will allow you to apply a coating on top, without any wiping down necessary beforehand! This not only saves you valuable detailing time, but it helps avoid a detailing step that could possibly add imperfections into the paint. Just think of it this way, any time you touch the paint you are at risk at adding imperfections. High end products and techniques allow you to touch the paint with a greatly reduced risk of adding these imperfections, but if you can avoid one step where you have to touch the paint, it will only help reduce that risk even more. Gyeon recommends applying at a low to medium speed setting with the polisher of your choice. Once applied, wipe away any excess with a clean microfiber towel. When you are finished, you can apply a coating over the top after 24 hours. If you need to apply the coating immediately, they recommend using the Gyeon Prep to wipe the surface down first. If you are looking to remove light imperfections, while leaving your paint ready for coating application, the Gyeon Primer might be the product you are looking for!