Gyeon Matte - 50 ml

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Gyeon Matte is an easy to apply, durable coating that is specially formulated to protect matte finishes. Matte finishes look incredibly sleek and just simply, awesome, however care for these finishes can be difficult. The reason care can be a pain is because matte finishes often times have a very thin and porous clear coat. This means that you need to be very careful and make sure you are using only non wax based care products. One wrong product choice can leave you with splotches, smears, and stains, marring the perfect matte finish. With Gyeon Matte however, the formula is specially formulated with SiO2 to help you not old protect your matte paint and trim pieces, but avoid any ugly white streaks! Matte is very easy to apply, only one layer is required to achieve an extremely hydrophobic protective layer and Matte will help prevent discoloration and oxidation. Use this coating on your wheels, paint, vinyl surfaces, etc. If you are looking to protect your matte surfaces with a coating, give the Gyeon Matte a try!

1x Q2 Matte (100ml)
1x Q2M Cure (100ml)
1x Manual
1x Applicator
4x Suede Cloths